In The Gym

Cardio Machines

At Fusion Fitness we have 2 x cross trainers, 1 x upright bike and 1 x rower. Where we lack in cardio machines we more than make up for with our boxing bags upstairs, making for the best cardio workout. Please don’t hesitate to talk to our personal training team on how to get the best out of your workout for weight loss and toning up using these gut busting bags!

Resistance Machines

Resistance is the name of the game at Fusion! A great resistance workout doesn’t only tone you up and add strength, it’s a great way to blast body fat as well. Think of that as a buy one get one free deal, cutting your workout plans down by half! Did you know that a good weight training session can burn calories plus speed up your metabolism for up to 2 days after your workout? No treadmill in the world can offer that! With this now in mind feel free to get digging in to our shoulder press, lat pull down, cable crossover, leg extension, leg curl, chest press, seated low row and pec-dec stations!

Benches and Free Weights

Into weight training? Lift much? We’ve got you sorted. Free weight workouts are the catalyst for any serious weight lifter. Boasting dumbbells from 1kg (you never know) all the way up to a very impressive 44kg, leaving plenty of room for progression! These come complete with adjustable dumbbells, should you want to lift more, 2 EZ bars, 3 Olympic bars, 3 weight benches (2 adjustable and 1 bench press) plus a squat rack for those glutes! All you need now are some weight plates. Good job we have 300-400kgs work, but who’s counting?

Fitness Studio

Want to shut out the rest of the gym world and train in your own space with your own music playing…tick! Our curtained mirrored studio allows all the privacy you may need! We have it kitted out with 2 swiss balls, 10 ab mats, 2 aerobic steps, 2kg and 3.5kg dumbbell sets, skipping rope, stretch bands, kettle bells up to 12kg and more weight bars and disks than you can shake a… well… bar at!

Punch Bags

We love punch bags. Whether it’s boxing, kick boxing or MMA you practise (for better of worse) these provide a fantastic workout. If you’re new to punching these or a returning world champion, you will be happy getting stuck into our 10 (yes 10) punch bags. Ask Steph or James just why you should include these in your workout today! Better still, all gloves and wraps are provided for you there.

Padded Flooring

Ah yes, our comfy, soft, padded flooring. We have, in fact, one room dedicated to having padded flooring. Why you ask? Who else around here supplies the soft stuff should you take a fall, be it boxing, MMA or even Muay Thai. We need a room to keep our fitness fighters out of the gym and into a place where it’s safe to take a fall (or throw). This room comes with boxing and MMA gloves plus your very own Rocky style speed ball. Yes, you do look good when you can hit this fast with alternate or both hands.